Finedon Town Council

There are some 8,500 councils at parish level in England. Parish Councils were established in 1894 and their role and powers substantially revised by the Local Government Act 1972.  All councils are constituted in the same way; councillors are elected by the local government electorate and each council has a Chair, who must be one of the elected councillors. Councils vary in size and capacity; many are small, representing a few hundred people, others represent communities of over 30,000 people.

Finedon Parish Council held it’s first meeting on 19th May 1983 and Cllr Harold Bailey MBE was elected as Chairman.  Mrs Gill Spencer was one of the first Councillors elected and is still a Councillor today.

As a tier of local government they are elected bodies, with discretionary powers and rights laid down by Parliament to represent their communities and provide services for them. Policy centres on the fact that they act as a focus for local needs and opinions and provide for the Parish in a way that is best suited to the local community.

What’s the difference between a parish council and a town council?

The only difference is that a town council has decided that it should be known as a town council instead of a parish council, can have a mayor.  They both have the same powers and can provide the same services.  In 2018 Finedon Council changed its name to Finedon Town Council.

What services do we provide?

A  town council has an overall responsibility for the well-being of its local community. Its work falls into three main categories:

  • representing the local community
  • delivering services to meet local needs
  • striving to improve quality of life in the parish

A Parish Council might provide and/or maintain some of the following services:

  • allotments – n/a
  • cemetery – WBC are the Burial Authority
  • car parks – WBC
  • community transport schemes – n/a
  • footpaths – NCC
  • war memorials
  • bridleways – NCC
  • bus shelters
  • pocket parks
  • additional crime reduction measures 
  • leisure facilities
  • Banks Park
  • The Green

Town councils act as sounding boards for local opinion, though the range of services and amenities provided varies enormously between the Councils. They often work with local voluntary organisations, other tiers of local government and other agencies.  Other authorities may, and in the case of planning must, consult the parish who are the layer of government closest to the electors and represent their local interests. The most immediate concerns of the council are to provide a safe, welcoming local environment and promote community identity.

Finedon Town Council has 13 Members, elected together for a four year term.  The next scheduled election will be held in May 2020.

The Parish Clerk

Mrs Julia Tufnail

51 Market Road, Thrapston, Northants NN14 4JT

Tel: 07496 885235

Email:The Clerk of the Council